Try Naked Milk at Gracemire Farm.

Nutritious whole RAW milk produced by us happy girls especially for you!! Thick, creamy and tasty just as Milk should be!!

Gracemire Farm

Here at Gracemire farm we are 3rd generation dairy farmers. We love our cows and we love our product, milk. Milk in its raw form is so delicious that we want to share the experience with you all. Pop into our milk hub any day and pick up a bottle to try, remember to use the honesty box in there!!

Our Cows

We have a herd of 120 Freisan cows at Gracemire Farm, all of which are home bred. We believe in a free range lifestyle for our cows, they are grazed during spring and summer; free to munch on grass, frolic about and sunbathe (if the English weather allows!!) then as the nights draw in and the temperature falls over the winter months they are bought in and housed, fed on feed and silage harvested from the fields in the summer.

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Naked Milk

Our Milk is 'Naked' because it is in its RAW form. The milk has been produced exclusively by our cows that day. We've not pasteurised it, not UHT'd it, not skimmed in fact we have not taken any of the goodness away. The Food Standards Agency regularly test our milk to ensure it is at its best. By Law the (FSA) ask us to print the following: 'This product has not been heat treated and may contain organisms harmful to health'

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